GARTOUR, a new way of lining a territory.

GARTOUR was created to offer the extraordinary opportunity to experience contemporary art in unique places and territories. The project is based on the creation of events and art exhibitions within spaces capable of revealing and highlighting the work of selected contemporary artists. The design of specific installations aims to make people live experiences related to the atmosphere of the place, the territory and its excellences. Special contexts allow you to explore new interconnections, create opportunities for knowledge, exchange and create social well-being. 

Our sensibility, as a “seismograph” of the present, has opened a new horizon from which to observe the usual models of cultural design. A broader and more generous view places artists, spaces and activities in partnership, allowing us to initiate a virtuous exchange of relationships, enhancing the art’s regenerative capacity and the creative enterprise.

This is GARTOUR.

Why GARTOUR? We have always been in love with the freedom of art. Our dream is to be able to share and bring the light of art into people’s lives, enhancing the places around us and having completely new experiences.

GARTOUR is inspired, in name and in fact, by the Grand Tour, a veritable fashion of “Travel in Italy” that became established in Europe in the 17th century at a time when, in the history of the collective mentality, travel acquired value for its intrinsic properties: a curiosity that became bolder in the name of knowledge and learning on the one hand, and the pleasure of escaping and pure leisure on the other. Italy thus became the favored destination of an itinerary that young people, men of culture and people of the European aristocracy began to undertake on a regular basis to learn about culture, ancient art and contemporary works through visits, studies and purchases of artworks.

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