GART: Explore, Go beyond, Love the experience.

GART was born within the walls of an enchanting village, with the vision of activating in the heart of the Langhe a circuit of artistic fruition capable of dialoguing with the territory and encouraging development practices, starting from contemporary art as an aggregating factor of social growth. 

Recognizing the value of culture, heritage and cultural-environmental assets means that the gallery’s activity acts as a link between the dissemination of artistic languages and the enhancement of the territory. Believing in the value of artistic expression for society has generated the desire to bring art to peripheral contexts for a fruition within everyone’s reach, presenting the artists’ work to a wider and international audience.

GART is a gallery sensitive to emerging art and how forms, thoughts, relationships and languages are generated and interconnected. We pursue the goal of conveying and sharing the light of art in people’s lives.

We run a program of exhibitions throughout the year that highlight the work of contemporary artists, engaging local and international audiences. GART is an opportunity for relationship and knowledge, for information and experimentation, a way for people to communicate and feel in the world, through the encounter of artists, works, languages and people from different backgrounds. An inspiration to stimulate people to think that Art and contemporary creative expression are ways to build their own identity, a possibility of social mobility as well as an ecology of gaze and thought. All this in the beautiful natural frame of the Langhe.

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A traveling art project to experience a territory
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Who we are: Annalisa and Francesca, a family with art in our hearts.

Francesca Carbone
Annalisa Ghella

Annalisa was able to transform a garage into an exhibition space. Francesca turned an intuition into an art gallery.

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The founders are Annalisa Ghella and Francesca Carbone, mother and daughter who decided to open a new exhibition space driven by their love for art, for these places and by the vision of activating a circuit of artistic fruition capable of dialoguing with the territory and incentivizing its development practices. Believing in the value of art and its sharing generated the choice to continue to propose it in specific contexts, in the heart of extraordinary heritages to facilitate its fruition and offer an additional experience to people. 

Explore, Go Beyond, Love The Experience: it is with this vision that GART continues to promote emerging artists and be sensitive to their expressive needs, forms, relationships and languages that are generated and interconnected.