Touching the Invisible – Daniela M. Guggisberg, Daniele Aletti

30 April - 26 June 2022

Guggisberg and Aletti are a couple of sculptors who since 1994 have found among the hills of Alta Langa the ideal place to conduct their artistic research. Their work is a fundamental component of their lives, marked by caring for nature and meditation. The inspiration for the creation of the works in the exhibition is taken from the natural elements, a source of inner reflection, from which comes a continuous investigation into the synthesis of volumes, the essence of emptiness and the inner energy of matter. Deep sensitivity, smooth surfaces, purity of forms, unreal tenderness of materials translate the feeling into three-dimensionality, allowing us to touch the invisible.

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Touching the Invisible – Daniela M. Guggisberg, Daniele Aletti.
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Touching the Invisible – Daniela M. Guggisberg, Daniele Aletti

In Guggisberg and Aletti's work, the need for personal vision and the stone's conflicting need to maintain its value, its nature, are perfectly reconciled.

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However, this reconciliation does not lead to the static resolution of a climax or an end but to a harmony of opposing forces held in suspension. The reconciliation of opposing forces in Guggisberg and Aletti’s sculptures is made up of dynamic balance and perfectly counterbalanced tensions between harmonious forms and heavy materials. Strong tensions are produced between emptiness and volume, between original stone and perfect polish. The final impression, however, is that of a reconciliation of opposites, a perfect balance.

It can be said that there is no absolute, static meaning in these sculptures; the meaning may lie in the emotional and intellectual change that contemplating them operates within us.

Daniela Madeleine Guggisberg and Daniele Aletti’s works ask us to be absorbed, to be recreated in our memory, immediately stimulating us to give them an interpretation.

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