The Essence of Wood

06 April - 01 May 2023

The exhibition presents a selection of six wood sculptures and a series of works on paper, conceived by the German sculptor between 2020 and 2022.

Reinhard Fescharek’s entire artistic research can be read as a homage to the infinite possibilities of form and to that unlimited variety of solutions that only art, together with nature, can evoke.

This exhibition, previously unseen and presented for the first time in Italy, is conceived as a mediating tool aimed at presenting not only the final works but also the artist’s creative process. An experience that brings the visitor nearer to the contemplation and reading of forms that amplify perceptions and imaginations between the natural world, primordial figurations and symbolic references. A chance to delve into the work of an artist who, as Prof. Dr. Arne Wroble says, joins lines of research stemming from overseas, such as the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: a vision of the world based on the acceptance of the transience of life, the impermanence of beauty and the natural imperfection of things.

In his artworks, Fescharek derives from an inexhaustible source of inspiration that is the observation of what surrounds us: from nature with its organic compositions, to the internal structures of minerals; from archaeology, to geology; from art history, to biology. This extreme curiosity for the ‘forms of the world’ is carried forward by trust in the expressive languages of art, capable of translating form, space and material into emotional quality.

profile of Reinhard Fescharek
Inner Structure

Reinhard Fescharek, - Inner structure 2021

41x33.5x10cm legno di quercia

Reinhard Fescharek, - Dreiteilung 2021

45x65x38cm legno di faggio
Black Fruit

Reinhard Fescharek, - Black Fruit 2021

30x49x26cm legno di rovere
Broken Flower

Reinhard Fescharek, - Broken flower 2021

18x55cm legno di pero

Reinhard Fescharek, - Knospe 2021

45x43x32cm legno di pioppo

Reinhard Fescharek, - Two Logs 2022

40x50cm Stampa su carta fine art con cornice
Landscape with Trees

Reinhard Fescharek, - Landscape with Trees 2022

40x30cm stampa su carta fine art con cornice

Reinhard Fescharek, - Djungle 2022

40x30cm Stampa su carta fine art con cornice
Open Range

Reinhard Fescharek, - Open Range 2022

40x30cm stampa su carta fine art
Growing Space-Dettaglio

Reinhard Fescharek, - Growing Space 2021

18x188x38cm legno di quercia

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