Perseverance – Anna Valla

05 March - 03 April 2022

The works of Anna Valla, an Italian artist from Saluzzo, on the border between the symbolic and the abstract, present a continuous attempt to make the unspeakable writable. The artist, with her painting, does not want to exalt the word or writing per se, but rather uses them ascribing them to her poetics, sanctioning in the repetitive gesture its essence. Anna Valla’s painting allows one to be carried away by the most fluid or aggressive cyclic and repetitive signs, waves, seismographs, which one is not sure where they come from or where they want to go, but it is precisely this incessant trend fixed on the canvases that makes the works alive, generating on them the rhythm of perseverance.

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Perseverance – Anna Valla.
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Perseverance – Anna Valla

The canvas for Anna Valla is the place where she stops to reconfigure the complexity of inner motions, welcomes her own contradictions with a persevering will to reorder them.

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It is an operation that involves the discomfort of retracing oneself and the pleasure of finding oneself. The works are the result of a process characterized by a long time of emotional sedimentation: strong tensions and milder emotions, voices and silences, marked brushstrokes and soft lines are imprinted on the canvas like seismographs of emotion. The artistic medium seems to have been composed of an overlapping of planes, a succession of opaque pages that hint at the traces beneath: a stream of consciousness, the persistent dance of thoughts under the rhythm of the soul. The whole exhibition looks like a library of encyclopedias in the making, one is not sure where they come from or where they want to go, but they are living works that propose the discovery and virtue of error: Palimpsests on which one writes, erases, rewrites, and it is precisely this incessant trend of future projection that generates on the canvas the rhythm of perseverance.

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