Reinhard Fescharek

1956, Germany

Reinhard Fescharek is a German sculptor who has a particular affinity to wood. 

Already during his youth, during his medical studies which led him to work in Germany and France, he was attracted to sculpture and experimented with wood materia.  His stay in West-Africa brought him even closer to art and nature, further fueling his search for the essence of this particular material. 

<<Wood is a material that, in contrast to most other media, has been a living being that has a history all its own, which is unequivocally reflected in its structure. My attitude in using and working with wood is therefore ‘respect’. 

The power of this material is its kindness is allowing to be transformed in many ways. 

Sometimes I trasform this material with the heat of fire and the hungry flame losing even part of its form, but at the same time revealing its inner structure, invisible from outside. The ashes do not have to be the end of the narrative. 

Perhaps this homage to the material of wood is simply a homage to life itself. >>

In addition to exhibition activities in Germany (Berlin and Marburg), in France (Antibes, Cannes, Nice, St Paul de Vence and Noirmoutie) he participates in Art Madrid and Art Bodensee. His dual talents as a physician and artist also led him to receive commissions to design therapeutic gardens and green spaces. 

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