Paolo Basso

1982, Italy

Paolo Basso is an emerging Digital Artist with a background as a musician and a profession as a medical doctor. In 2017 as a self-taught artist he experimented with visual arts and then found his full expression in digital art and video installations. His immersive, dynamic and static works expand and solicit our perceptual experience of color. 

“I love colors and the endless possibilities they can give, I could call myself a colorist. I prefer digital techniques although I have delved into many different styles, but I am of the idea that technique is only a means and not an end.” 

Since 2019 he has been delving into the scientific process of color perception and the color theories developed in the 1900s (I. Newton, J.W.V. Goethe, J. Itten) from which he will elaborate his thinking and work for “The Chromatic Image.” This is also the title and main argument developed in the treatise that, in June 2022 in London, he concluded to draft in collaboration with Gloria Campidelli, in which he affirms the emotional and perceptual relativity of color, a persevering attempt to analyze what is manifested in his works.

As of 2019, he had an exhibition at FinecoBank in Rome; in 2020, he exhibited at Davide Coffa Arte Contemporanea in Alba, participated in “A Proper Distance” Collective Exhibition at HUB/ART Gallery in Milan, and was a finalist of “INSIDE LAND 2020,” International Art Prize sponsored by METRO QUADRO ARTE in Turin; in 2021, he exhibited at CSA Farm Gallery, Turin

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