Martina Gagliardi

1996, Italia

Martina Gagliardi was born in Alba in 1996 and is a young emerging artist with a degree in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin.

Her research starts from the observation of raw materials and the analysis of their transformation and deterioration process. 

Her move to the city of Turin was instrumental in experiencing and observing the large fruit and vegetable market of Porta Palazzo from which she elaborated reflections on the process of metamorphosis of produce: from the fresh arrival in the box to becoming deteriorated waste. The beauty found in the fragility and imperfect evolution of things makes them special precisely at the moment of their demise, and this led Martina to search for an aesthetics of waste.

“Art is a possibility of rebirth, of rewriting the world.”

Pivotal subjects in Martina Gagliardi’s work are wooden boxes, whose geometricity and modularity in their arrangement generate a network of alternations and symmetries between solids and voids, shadows and lights that are transformed into painting as threads and wefts. “Threads and wefts” in fact compose the pictorial style that distinguishes the artist’s works, which are made in oil pastels on jute sacks, wrapping paper, films and tnt, a nonwoven fabric used in agriculture to protect plants from the cold or weathering.

All these sign and material fragments symbolize a method of reading to go beyond the veiled reality, an attempt to approach the most delicate and secret plots of life and relationships, through an immersion in the symbolic fabric of the world.

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