Gabriella Siciliano

1962, Italia

Gabriella Siciliano was born in 1962 in Gallarate, where to date she lives and works. She has attended painting classes with Giacomo Luoni, participated in extemporaneous and group exhibitions and collaborates with architectural firms. He frequents the studio of artist Carmelo Todoverto.

Permanent exhibitions: “Relais Cà dei Santi” Varese – Art Gallery “Orizzonti Arte” Bari and Ostuni. 

Solo exhibitions: in 2009 at Borgo Bianco, Polignano a Mare (TA); Il Frantoio, Ostuni (BR); Orizzontiarte Gallery, Ostuni (BR); Il respiro della memoria, Spazio zero, Gallarate; in 2010 Il Frantoio, Ostuni (BR); Punti di vista, Serralunga D’Alba (CN); Attese, Orizzontiarte Gallery, Ostuni (BR); in 2011 First Prize at the International Competition Delle Emozioni, Painting Section Martina Franca (TA); ANIMAtamente – Chiesina dei Dralli – Varese; Onirico path, Gallarate; realization of the painting work for Altare – Church “Parrocchia del Divin Maestro – Alba; in 2012 Albaretto della Torre (CN); Fiera Arte Novecento Novegro (MI), Unconventional Gallery; Sanaxx pink pills, Palazzo Pirola (MI); With a Little Help from My Friends, Artists for MA*GA, 2013; GART Contemporary Art, Neive (CN), 2018-2022.

Gabriella Siciliano.
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Gabriella Siciliano
Francesca Carbone

Gabriella Siciliano's story is made of color.

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Gabriella Siciliano rejects any form, figurative or abstract, constructed according to rational canons. Her works are created without recourse to recognizable forms; pure color is exhaustive in itself. One could speak of a “chromatic image”; it is the color that speaks. The different directions of the brushstrokes create a dynamic movement, sometimes coordinated and sometimes chaotic, depending on the artist’s reserve of introspection, by which he is guided when creating his works.

The gesture that precedes the textural color, vibrating on the canvas, is sensitive to the inner movement of the artist’s emotions, and generates life on works of obvious informal inspiration.

Artists traceable to this tendency have given rise to works that are extremely diverse, but often characterized by free brushstrokes and dense layers of color, signs and methods under the banner of improvisation, whereby the artistic event, emptied of any residue of formal value, is exhausted with the very act of its creation.

The most natural and spontaneous impulse of the artist finds, in this case, its immediacy in the spatulae of material color, carrying with it a heartfelt emotional weight.

Gabriella Siciliano’s work has always been linked to chromatic research, the relationships between light and shadow, the balances between chromatic tones and materiality are her stylistic signature.

These informal pictorial cycles signed Siciliano are distinguished by the insistent color-light-movement relationship, which has now become the established alphabet of her pictorial language.

Francesca Carbone

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