Daniela Madeleine Guggisberg

1963, Swiss

Daniela’s life has been spent first in Switzerland, where she developed her first works in stone thanks to her meeting with Daniele Aletti in 1990, and more recently in the Langa’s lands that allow her to better grasp the vastness of perception. In the Langa there is a different creativity, freer, broader, less rational and more instinctive. The different aspects of these places collide and harmonize in her sculptures, communicating a feeling of strength, solidity, and at the same time an infinite lightness. The ‘balance between these opposites is expressed in the plastic concretization, immersed in a’ magical, mysterious atmosphere, shrouded in silence. Her skill enables her to sculpt thought in stone, to transform matter into language, to translate feeling into three-dimensional message.

Ondulata 2014

Black marble of Ormea

Daniela Madeleine Guggisberg.
La critica GART.

Daniela Madeleine Guggisberg
Francesca Carbone

In Guggisberg and Aletti's work, the need for personal vision and the stone's conflicting need to maintain its value, its nature, are perfectly reconciled.

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However, this reconciliation does not lead to the static resolution of a climax or an end but to a harmony of opposing forces held in suspension. The reconciliation of opposing forces in Guggisberg and Aletti’s sculptures is made up of dynamic balance and perfectly counterbalanced tensions between harmonious forms and heavy materials. Strong tensions are produced between emptiness and volume, between original stone and perfect polish. The final impression, however, is that of a reconciliation of opposites, a perfect balance.

It can be said that there is no absolute, static meaning in these sculptures; the meaning may lie in the emotional and intellectual change that contemplating them operates within us.

Daniela Madeleine Guggisberg and Daniele Aletti’s works ask us to be absorbed, to be recreated in our memory, immediately stimulating us to give them an interpretation.

Francesca Carbone

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Vongola 2020

Portoro stone

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Ondulata 2014

Black marble of Ormea

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Black Marble of Ormea